Green Deal Installers

Green Deal Installers 

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Who are Green Deal Installers?

Green Deal Installers deliver the energy efficiency improvements for the consumer. Installers may specialise in some or all of the energy efficiency improvements available through the Green Deal. It is likely that Green Deal Installers already work in one or more of the following trades:

-          Plumbing & Heating

-          Insulation

-          Electrical

-          Renewable Technologies

For a company to install energy efficiency improvements in the Green Deal it must be a certified Green Deal Installer.

How to become a Green Deal Installer?

NICEIC offer Green Deal certification for installers.

The process of becoming a Green Deal Installer comprises of two parts:

  1. Assessment of the management system used by the company.This establishes whether the company operates processes that support the installation of energy efficiency measures. The requirements you will be assessed against are held within the standard PAS:2030 Version 2. 
  2. On-site assessment of installed energy efficiency improvements. This establishes whether the company can demonstrate it has installed energy efficiency measures safely, to the specification and in compliance with the required building regulations. The company will need to show one example of an installation for each energy efficiency measure it wishes to be certified to install.

For more information on becoming a certified Green Deal Installer please download our documents below:

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