The Wire Jan 2017 - RECORDING

26 January 2017
Covering consumer unit changes, common technical questions, emergency lighting
9.00 - 10.00am

The Wire Jan 2017 - RECORDING

The Wire, a live technical webcast, was broadcast on Thursday 26th January to an audience of over 700 contractors! If you were unable to catch the live broadcast, or simply want to refer back to what was said, we are pleased to let you know that the recording is now available to view! 
Click here to watch the recording now  - you will need to complete the simple form with your details, to open up the recording. 
Industry experts Tony Cable and Darren Staniforth discuss the following topics during the recording: 

  • Consumer unit chages
Following the ESF best practice guide No1, a look at planned and distress consumer unit changes

  • Common technical questions and answers 
Tony and Darren will answer a wide range of technical questions covering design, installation techniques and inspection & testing.

  • Emergency lighting 
This section will cover the design requirements for installation to BS 5266 


If you have any queries or suggestions for The Wire, please email 

The Wire is unlike our usual events and will be bought to you at home or on site via your smartphone, tablet or PC! 

We suggest you test your system in advance to ensure your system meets the minimum requirements by clicking on this link

Here are just a taste of the positive comments we received following previous versions of The Wire:

"I found it to be very interesting and informative from the comfort of my own home."

 "It was an excellent webinar and I would be most pleased if they were to be held on a regular basis to enable us to keep up with the regulations without becoming complacent. Thankyou."

"This is the way forward. Excellent presentation, Thank you."