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Green Deal FAQs 

Q. Will the Green Deal be primarily for domestic properties?

The Green Deal has been designed to cover both the domestic and non-domestic sectors. It is very difficult to accurately predict how the domestic and commercial sectors will react to the Green Deal. Research by Ernst and Young has suggested that the Green Deal could potentially create a £800million non-domestic market.

Q. What can I do now?

The Green Deal has an ambitious timeline for development. What you can do now depends on how you want to engage with the market created by the Green Deal.

I’m thinking about being an installer of energy efficiency measures!

If you are looking to be a Green Deal Installer, it would be worthwhile checking out DECC’s Green Deal Consultation and also the Green Deal Impact Assessment (IA). Although lengthy documents, they provide the business case for Green Deal and identify potential volumes of installations.

The next step would be to get a copy of the installer specification, PAS 2030. This details what the requirements are on installers. It provides actual details on the systems, process and competencies that would need to be met in order to operate in the Green Deal.

Check out the installer section on our website, this details the proposed exemptions you may be eligible for and lists the energy efficiency improvement measures that can be installed.

I’m thinking about being a Green Deal Advisor!

To understand the market opportunity it is worth reading DECC’s Green Deal Consultation and also the Green Deal Impact Assessment.

If your staff are not domestic energy assessors, gained accreditation for EPBD is is the first step towards becoming a Green Deal Advisor. NICEIC is currently offering discounted domestic energy assessment training and qualifications in partnership with Elmhurst.

For information on domestic energy assessment training click here

Once your organisation has qualified energy assessors, they need to be up-skilled to be Green Deal Advisors. This training course is now available and more information is available by clicking here

Q. Where can I find out more?

A good source of information on the Green Deal is the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s website, which details timelines, consultation periods and provides a good overview of the scheme.

Q. Do Green Deal Advisors need to be independent to be impartial?

A. Green Deal Advisors will not need to be independent from the Green Deal Provider or Green Deal Installer. The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), is proposing that conflict of interest is managed by a combination of third party certification of the advisor and a requirement to declare any affiliation they may have to an installer or provider.

Q.  As a landlord can I install a Green Deal on my property?

A. Yes you can, however you will need to consider what permissions you may require. In most situations you would require the permission of the tenant as that is the bill payer.

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