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NICEIC Online Certification

We are pleased to launch our new Online Certification service. Online certification makes the creating, storing and administration of electrical certificates a simpler, more streamlined process. NICEIC Online Certification does not require the installation of any software. Instead you simply log in with your NICEIC details to start completing certificates. In addition, the system will be integrated with Building Control so that you can notify jobs in an instant.

The online certificates will cost £1 each and are securely stored for you to retrieve whenever you need so that you never lose a certificate again.

To access the system now, simply visit and log in with your existing BRCS username and password.


  • Certify and notify from a single system
  • Pre-filled drop down menus
  • Formulas automatically calculated
  • Multiple –users can complete certificates and use the system at the same time.
  • Securely store and archive your certificate in the cloud
  • Upload photos & additional information of installations
  • Ability to use the system on multiple applications – PC, laptops, tablets or smartphones.
  • Ability to order professional prints for your clients, home or office


  • Free for all NICEIC registered contractors
  • No license fees or software required
  • No support cost
  • Pay as you go – no more wasted certificates pads
  • Reduce duplication of certificates for similar installations
  • Notify jobs to building control instantly
  • Use anywhere – on site*, in the office or at home
  • Online video tutorials
  • Dedicated telephone support line

Visit to start using the system now.

*Internet or data connection required.

NICEIC Certification Software

NICEIC Certification Software allows you to complete your electrical certificates on your computer, you print your NICEIC electrical safety certificates directly onto plain paper making the process of completing them quicker, simpler and more efficient.

You’ll save money with electronic certificates, save time as they’re quicker to complete and you’ll be handing your customers perfect looking certificates that they’ll be able to read, all customised with your company logo.


Store certificates in a database
Link certificates to customer accounts
Customer, site and equipment database
Built in database for protective devices
Apply digital signatures
Email certificates as PDFs
Email from within the software
Re-print or email your certificates at any time
Import and export certificates to a contractor onsite
Save circuit details as templates
Save certificates as templates
Drop down boxes and short cut keys
Fully networkable
Unlock completed certificates for editing
Apply single templates to multiple certificates
Circuit wizard
Distribution board designer
Certificate verification
Spell checker


Print your NICEIC certificates straight onto plain paper
Purchase certificate numbers online and via telephone
Save money on postage costs (currently charged at £7.00)
Simple and easy to use
Full traceability of certificate numbers
Never lose copies of certificates
Increased workflow
Add your own logo
All continuation sheets are free
Cuts down on the time you spend completing certificates
All updates are free for the first year
No wastage on void certificates
Professional looking certificates
Save time with customisable templates

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