NICEIC Workwear 

NICEIC has teamed up with popular workwear supplier Snickers to offer contractors the latest in revolutionary clothing for the busy professional.

The Snickers range has been designed specifically for tradespeople , and offers the ultimate combination of on-the-job comfort, functionality and protection,  in any kind of weather. All of the garments have been rigorously tested in every area, from comfort to quality and durability, to ensure that they exceed expectations.

NICEIC registered contractors can have the NICEIC Domestic Installer and Approved Contractor logos embroidered onto the workwear, free of charge, with all orders made through NICEIC Direct.

Snickers also offer the option for contractors to add their own company logo to garments, either through embroidery or heat sealing, to ensure contractors can promote their businesses as much as possible.

For more information visit or call 0870 013 0458.

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