Business Support Courses

NICEIC offers a range of courses to support your business, including ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, to improve the effectiveness of your quality management system and business performance.
Course Details Duration Registered Non-registered
We’ve done the work, how do we get paid?

This one-day course specifically directed at Subcontractors and Suppliers, covers all aspects of getting paid after completion of the work including, Construction Act 2009 implications - Payer, Payee and Payless Notices.

1 day(s) £325.00 £355.00
An Introduction to Estimating

An interactive one day course, designed to enable candidates to calculate project costs and overheads for the execution of a construction contract; commencing with an overview of basic documentation and working through practical examples highlighting the principles of estimating.

1 day(s) £325.00 £355.00
Contract Formation - Protect your business

An informative and practical one day course showing you how to form a contract effectively.

1 day(s) £325.00 £355.00
JCT Contracts - The Essentials

This course examines in detail the JCT 2011 Standard Form of Building Contract & the administration of the two main forms of JCT 2011 Sub-Contract.

1 day(s) £325.00 £355.00
Unlocking the secrets of time on a project

This course gives an introductory overview of principles and background to proving delays and unlocking the financial potential of their claims.

1 day(s) £325.00 £355.00