Emergency Lighting - Design and Maintenance

Provides the required knowledge to be able to design, test and maintain a commercial system for compliance to BS 5266/EN 1838/BS EN 50172

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Duration: 1 day
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Having previously completed the fundamental module, the learners will use the knowledge and understanding gained to carry out compliant designs, testing and maintenance for emergency lighting systems to BS 5266/EN 1838/BS EN 50172 requirements. Successful candidates completing this course will gain valuable knowledge in the design of emergency lighting system requirements to BS 5266/EN 1838/BS EN 50172 and if successful will result in a CPD accredited certificate

  • Review of Fundamental module Q & A
  • Further focus on the design of an emergency lighting system
  • Lighting levels and spacings
  • Completion of documentation
  • Practical exercise in testing an emergency lighting system
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Routine testng
  • Verification of existing systems
  • Completion of documentation

This course is aimed at contractors and individuals looking to gain an understanding of emergency lighting system design, test and maintenance to all relevant documents that are applicable to BS 5266/EN 1838/BS EN 50172.
Candidates must have first completed the Emergency Lighting Fundamentals Modular Course.

The course will provide delegates with an understanding of how to gain the relevant information in order to design emergency lighting systems to customer requirements and carry out maintenance in compliance with BS 5266/EN 1838 / BS EN 50172, including verification of existing systems.  Delegates will also gain an understanding of how complete the appropriate certification.

Candidates will also gain an understanding of how to complete the appropriate certification.

Successful delegates might also be interested in completing the commissioning module or the six fire detection and fire alarm courses on offer.