Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Systems - Maintenance

Module unit 5 - Maintenance to BS 5839-1

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Duration: 1 day
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Having previously completed the Fire Alarm Fundamentals module, the learner will use the knowledge and understanding gained to carry out compliant maintenance of fire detection and fire alarm systems to BS 5839-1:2017. This module is designed to meet the knowledge requirements of the relevant standards of the BAFE Scheme. Before joining this course you must have completed the Unit 1, entailing the fundamentals of Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Systems BS 5839-1.

  • Legal requirements
  • Understand false alarms
  • Understand modification
  • Routine inspection and servicing
  • Non routine attention
  • Special inspection when new maintenance organisation takes over
  • Maintaining older systems installed to a previous edition of BS 5839-1
  • Understand certificate requirements

Attendees should be familiar with electrical systems.  Suitable caniddates should already work within the electrical/fire industry and have a basic understanding of the requirements of fire detection and fire alarms in the UK..

Attendees should have completed the Fire Alarm Fundamental Module.

The learner will obtain knowledge and understanding of the maintenance requirements and methods for fire detection and fire alarm systems to BS 5839-1:2017

Candidates completing this course may want to consider applying for the BAFE scheme.

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