Can I apply for FITs?

The application process is designed to be straight forward for homeowners and registered landlords and your installation company can help you complete the application form.

For an installation to be eligible the installation company used must be a registered MCS Installer, accredited to install the technology you have chosen.  The products installed must also be MCS certified.

You are also required to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) with your FIT application showing the building the installation is attached to or wired to provide electricity to is a level D or above.

If you intend to apply:

  • The installation must be of a product included on the MCS product register and the installer is MCS registered
  • To get FITs at the standard rate for solar PV, properties need to have an EPC of band D or above.  If an existing EPC is more than 10 years old a new one will need to be obtained
  • Your installer must issue and MCS certificate.  The installation must be registered on the MCS installation database within 10 working days of the commissioning date
  • The application can then be submitted to your energy supplier by following their process and using their FIT application form.  The MCS certificate must be included in the application
  • The date the completed application is received by the licensee is the date that you become eligible for FIT payments.  The energy supplier will require an initial meter reading taken on this date
  • Once the energy supplier has all the information required, has carried out the application checks and has found the installation is eligible, they will add the details to the Ofgem Central FIT Register
  • The energy supplier will then provide a Statement of FIT Terms.  Once these have been agreed and signed, payment will begin

The information above is only an overview.  For more information on FITs, including current tariffs please visit the Ofgem website