What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal was introduced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to help consumers and companies reduce their energy consumption through the installation of energy efficiency measures on existing buildings.
A Green Deal plan allows for the installation of energy efficiency measures without any up front cost.  Instead the costs are collected through the energy bill, and are paid for by the energy savings that are generated from their use.  
How the Green Deal works can be broken down into 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Property Assessment
The Energy Assessor undertakes an assessment of the property to identify its potential for energy efficiency improvement through the installation of measures.

Step 2: Measure Recommendations
The report provided by the Energy Assessor recommends which energy efficiency measures would be most suitable and identifies if grants are available under schemes such as Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

Step 3: Low Interest Loans
Customers receives an attractive finance solution for the installation of energy efficiency measures by contacting the Green Deal Finance Company. 

Step 4: Installation
A PAS 2030 Installer will install the energy efficiency measures.  The measures span from insulation and boiler replacement to microgeneration and efficient lighting.

Step 5: Energy Savings
Energy Savings will start as soon as a measure is installed.  The measures will help to protect consumers from future energy bill rises, especially those in fuel poverty.

For more infomation regarding the Green Deal please visit GOV.UK