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Competent Person

Competent Person Schemes 

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NICEIC Competent Person Schemes (CPS) allow registered installers who are competent in their field, to self-certify certain types of building work as compliant with the requirements of the Building Regulations in England and Wales. 

Competent Person Schemes help to tackle the problem of cowboy builders by raising standards in the industry and enabling consumers to identify competent installers. They also allow building control bodies to concentrate their resources on areas of higher risk.

These schemes offer benefits to both the building industry and consumers:

• Registered installers save time by not having to notify in advance and use a building control body (i.e. a local authority or a private sector approved inspector) to check/inspect their work.

• Those registered on the scheme will be able to self-certify their work online. NICEIC will then issue a certificate to the customer and advise the relevant local authority that work has taken place, reducing paperwork for the contractor.

• Consumers will benefit from lower prices as building control charges will not be payable. Offering a complete solution to multi disciplinary contractors and specialist companies, who in a single job undertake installations covered by several different Building Regulations, the schemes cover work carried out in domestic and non-domestic premises.

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