Green Deal Advisory Organisation Scheme

Green Deal Advisors complete home energy efficiency surveys.

This scheme is for businesses wishing to offer customers a Green Deal Advisory Service.

This is the beginning of the Green Deal process for customers who will ask an advisor to complete and provide a report known as a Green Deal Improvement Plan. This plan is then submitted to a Green Deal provider to arrange the finance for the recommended measures.

Pricing for the Green Deal Advisory Scheme is based on a number of factors including the number of people employed to provide the service.  Call us to discuss your specific needs on 0870 013 0458.

£100 + VAT

Application fee

£290 + VAT

Office audit

£290 + VAT

Domestic witnessed assessment

Speak to an advisor on
0870 013 0458

Enquire about
this Scheme
To apply for the Green Deal Advisory Scheme, just call us on 0870 013 0458.

Alternatively we will call you to progress your application if you complete our online enquiry form or you can post a completed application form which can be downloaded here.

Once we receive your application we will advise you of an assessment date.  Your area engineer will meet you and conduct the assessment.  At the end of the assessment a recommendation will be made as to whether you meet the scheme requirements. This recommendation is independently verified and written confirmation of your registration will be sent to you. The Assessment Overview section provides more guidance as to how to prepare for your assessment.

Please note that if you run your business from multiple offices you will need to submit a separate application for each contracting site.

For more information about the scheme please refer to our Guide to Certification for providing the Green Deal Advice Service.
The Green Deal Advisory scheme requirements are to establish whether the business operates processes that support the provision of the advice service. The assessment is solely office based.

Companies will be assessed against the Specification for Organisations Providing the Green Deal Advice Service and the Green Deal Code of Practice. These details the management system and process requirements, for the company as well as the requirements placed on individual Green Deal Advisors.

If your business is successful at assessment it will gain certification and pending approval from the oversight body, be able to undertake the Green Deal Advice Service.

Our rules for the Green Deal Advisory Scheme can be found here.
We will undertake the assessment at your office to ensure that the appropriate management system is in place and is being operated to ensure the quality of the service being offered by your business.

At the end of the assessment the area engineer will give you feedback on how it went. They will then make one of the following recommendations:

  • Certification Not Recommended - if your business does not fully comply with the scheme requirements but is likely to do so after addressing any identified issues, a recommendation will be made to further assess the organisation. Depending on the issues identified this may be addressed through submission of evidence or an additional assessment

Technical Review and Certification Decision
An independent technical expert from the audit process will review the certification recommendation to ensure nothing has been missed. This review will grant certification if you have been successful and you will be notified in writing.
You will need the following documents to apply for the Green Deal Advisory Organisation scheme:
  1. Guide to Registration for Green Deal Advisory Organisations which provides helpful advice on preparing for assessment
  2. Green Deal Advisory Organisations Scheme Rules an important document which outlines the terms and conditions of the scheme
  3. Green Deal Advisory Organisations Application Form which can be printed and returned or call us on 0870 013 0458 to apply now
  4. Green Deal Advisory Organisations Fee Sheet which details our current prices
  5. Direct Debit Mandate to help set up your account and manage payments
More information about the Green Deal scheme can be found here.

For information about the process we follow when we receive complaints from customers about contractors, please click here.