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Hazardous Areas

Hazardous Area Scheme 

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NICEIC’s Hazardous Areas Scheme is an extension to the scope of those contractors that have already achieved Approved Contractor status. It is designed to meet the specific additional requirements necessary to ensure the safety of people and property in the vicinity of a hazardous area.

Electrical work carried out in areas where potentially explosive atmospheres may be present - gases, vapours or combustible dusts, must be done in accordance with some additional technical standards.

The requirement for persons to be competent to undertake any electrical work is contained in legislation and the NICEIC Scheme defines the key competences in a manner that enables them to be individually assessed.

Under the Hazardous Area Extension to Enrolment Scheme, any electrical work must be carried out by competent personnel under adequate supervision and comply with the appropriate Standard or Code of Practice. These are identified in the NICEIC Guide to Extension to Enrolment for Hazardous Areas Scheme.

Who is the Hazardous Area scheme applicable to?

The Scheme is open to any electrical contractor or contracting organisation that has achieved NICEIC Approved Contractor status who can demonstrate their competence to perform work in hazardous areas. The Hazardous Areas Application Form may be found in the My NICEIC secure area under 'Hazardous Areas'.


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List of Hazardous Areas Approvals

This list comprises companies that are approved for work in Hazardous Areas. View More

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