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Microgeneration: the new business opportunity 

Imagine that in the next few years thousands of homes across the country will need technology installed which will provide them renewable energy. Imagine that only certain contractors can install the technology, with a high profit margin and a market ready to expand rapidly…..

Feed-in-Tariffs present just this opportunity to NICEIC registered contractors - the situation described above is a reality.

What are Feed-in Tariffs?

Since April 2010, homeowners and businesses have been able to generate their own electricity and sell the surplus power back to energy suppliers. This is all part of a bigger drive by Government to cut our reliance on fossil fuels.

This has the potential to save households and business a fortune in energy bills and even make money from the energy they produce, tax free, with some calculations suggesting the total average saving per household totalling around £2,500 per year.

This is already happening in the social housing sector and soon Local Authorities will be able to sell surplus energy back to the grid, increasing funds for the Local Authorities and creating demand for skilled installers.

There’s more – NICEIC predicts that it won’t be long until homeowners learn about Feed-in-Tariffs and that incentives will be available for homeowners throughout the UK to install the technologies and reap the savings.  

The Department for Energy and Climate Change have outlined their policy on Feed-in-Tariffs. Government is behind it and the opportunity is there for the taking. For a summary of Government actions and intentions go to:

How do I grasp the opportunity?

If you are already NICEIC registered it is more than likely you have some of the skills needed. Just as specifiers of electrical work seek out the NICEIC logo because of the assessment-based criteria and peace of mind, those installing microgeneration technologies will need certification through assessment.

It’s called the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Homeowners and Landlords cannot claim the Feed-in-Tariff unless the installation is carried out by an MCS-registered contractor and MCS-certified product installed. NICEIC can help you achieve registration.

What technology is involved?

NICEIC provides Training and Learner’s Guides to ensure you have the knowledge to install the technologies and talk about the benefits of the products to your customers.

NICEIC has been granted a licence to run a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), the scheme is designed to protect the consumer by ensuring independent evaluation of microgeneration product and installers.

Do you plan to install solar PV, Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal, Micro Wind or Biomass?

Join our Top Team and gain MCS Registration through the NICEIC to:

  • Allow your customers to gain access to grant funding including the new Feed In Tariffs from April 2010
  • Establish yourself as a Competent Person for installing specified technology
  • Benefit from additional marketing through NICEIC and Gemserv
  • Promote the financial appeal of generating your own energy supply
  • Diversify into the fast moving environmental market to capture new opportunities for your organisation

Application Process

The application process requires your organisation to meet certain criteria, for more details call our team on 0870 013 0458.

MCS Product Certification

Our organisation operates the Microgeneration Certification Scheme for Product Certification in addition to the Installer Scheme. Via our sister company, NQA, we can assist manufacturers to qualify their products as MCS Approved through assessment and certification. For further information on how to apply for MCS Product Certification click HERE

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