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New film from NICEIC shows diverse job of an electrician

Have you ever wondered what life as an electrician is like?

Well, a new film from NICEIC highlights the broad mix of work registered electricians get up to every day.

A Day in the Life captures NICEIC registered contractors at work. From installing lights in footballer’s homes, working underground, helping out at lifeboat stations, testing an A40 airbus or carrying out work on a castle – there is a variety of work on show.

Paul Collins, Communications Manager, said: “NICEIC registered contractors carry out around 80% of all electrical work across the UK.

“We wanted to capture all the great stuff they do every day to keep the nation safe. From small domestic jobs to large scale commercial and industrial projects our contractors are out there making a real difference to the world around us.”

Stephen-Knight.jpgNICEIC registrants were asked on social media to post a pic of what they were working on. Contractors from Bude in Cornwall to Aberdeen in Scotland all sent in shots and feature. The final scene in the film features Stephen Knight from Cheltenham, who was suspended 650ft in the air while changing aircraft warning lights on the Crystal Palace TV Tower.

Paul added: “The results were pretty impressive and there is a real contrast in the types of job. Stephen’s picture was a standout shot and shows a side of the job that few people would consider.

“However, I think the images of them doing reports, looking after their kids, taking a break or just having a cup of tea also add a real human aspect to it as well.

“It’s a great snapshot of what life as an electrician is like.”

 “There is a lot more to being an electrician than changing lights and sockets and hopefully the film provides an insight into the types of jobs that NICEIC contractors are involved with and some of the opportunities that exist within the sector.”

NICEIC is the UK’s leading certification body for registered electricians. It has been in operation for more than 60 years and currently maintains a role of more than 28 000 registered contractors across the UK.

You can view the film at: A day in the life NICEIC

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