Improving standards in Scotland


NICEIC and SELECT have issued a joint statement supporting new regulations to help consumers and competent qualified electricians in Scotland.

The long-running campaign for Recognition of Electricians as a Profession has been endorsed by Kevan Parker, Managing Director of NICEIC and Alan Wilson, Managing Director of SELECT.
The joint statement says that new regulations such as Protection of Title will provide an important step forward in protecting the safety of those who use an electrician as it will give assurance that the business undertaking any work is assessed as competent and only uses electricians who are suitably qualified and competent.
Furthermore, it will enhance the profession itself as it will ensure that only those who can prove that they have appropriate qualifications, knowledge and experience are accorded the respect that is due to such an important and safety critical profession.
Kevan Parker said: “Both NICEIC and SELECT are committed to improving consumer safety and protection. We look forward to working with those across the industry and others with an interest in this important area of safety to deliver what is best for consumers without adding additional burden to businesses and individuals in the industry.”
Alan Wilson, added: “As well as introducing new regulations, we recognise that consumers contract with businesses and it is that which gives consumers safeguards such as access to complaints processes and warranty mechanisms. 
“Therefore, there needs to be a searchable database for consumers to allow them to find suitable electrical businesses which employ competent qualified electricians. This also needs to be supported by ongoing campaigns to raise awareness.” 

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