NICEIC backs calls to drive out rogue electricians in Scotland


NICEIC has backed calls to enhance the safety of electrical work in Scotland.

NICEIC has backed calls to enhance the safety of electrical work in Scotland.
On Thursday (October 25) Conservative MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston  led a debate in Holyrood calling on members of Scottish parliament to bring in tougher regulations within the industry which would help drive out rogue electricians.
NICEIC_rogue_electricians_success-(3).JPGNICEIC supports the move, but believes any regulation should not place an extra financial burden on electricians already working in the sector. It has called on the Scottish government to consult with the entire electrical industry before bringing in any new regulation.
Emma Clancy, CEO of NICEIC, said: “NICEIC is always supportive of any moves that strengthen standards and help those who operate legally and responsibly. 
“Any regulation that may be introduced needs to be carefully thought through to ensure that it can deliver what it promises without increasing costs for all concerned and reducing the current consumer protections that are in place.” 
NICEIC currently certifies around 45% of Scottish electrical contractors. These are contractors whose work is assessed annually to ensure continued competence. All electrical work carried out by NICEIC registered contractors’ also comes with a warranty-backed guarantee to protect consumers should anything go wrong.
NICEIC believe these key aspects need to be safeguarded and that any new framework should:
  • require regular assessment of skills, knowledge and experience as the best indication of competence;
  • ensure that electricians keep up with changes to regulations;
  • retain regular assessment by an independent third-party;
  • be transparent, affordable and accessible to minimise incentives to operate outside the regulatory regime.
Emma added: “We would like to thank Mr Halcro Johnston for meeting with us recently to discuss the best way forward and we want to work closely with the government to ensure that any new regulatory regime does not penalise those ado the opposite of what it intends by leading to an increase in rogue electricians.”

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