NICEIC visit Holyrood


NICEIC and SELECT recently joined Jamie Halcro Johnston MSP at his offices in Holyrood to provide him with an update on the recent Working Group on Electricians.

The Working Group was established by the Scottish Government back in 2017 and has been investigating the scope and scale of the issues relating to rogue electricians in Scotland and how to address consumer awareness of the need and benefit of use competent electricians. 

NICEIC and SELECT are set to discuss potential routes to ensure that consumer protections remain in place via regular independent assessment of competence while ensuring that electricians that work within the current system are not disproportionately affected. 

Cheryl Cox, Public Affairs Manager, said: “It is vital that the current protections that are in place for both electricians and consumers are maintained.  Any regulation also needs to be supported by a campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of using competent electricians who are regularly assessed to ensure that their knowledge and experience are up to date.  

“We look forward to further talks with Mr Halcro Johnston and others with an interest in the important area of safety to deliver what is best for consumers and the industry without adding additional burden to those who already do the right thing. 

"Anything that increases the recognition of competency and supports a change of culture is to be welcomed. ”

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