Electrical Gap Analysis

NICEIC Consulting has developed an analysis process that is designed to identify weaknesses in delivery of service. This detailed method of analysis identifies the gaps that are prevalent.
NICEIC Consulting then provide a comprehensive report detailing all that is right and all that is deficient with the main emphasis on an action plan for improvement.
Specific areas normally covered in this process would look at:
  • Specification / Service Level Agreements
  • Contractor Selection
  • Access Policy
  • Quality Control
  • Personnel
  • Empty Homes
  • Mutual Exchange
  • Health & Safety, Electrical Incidents, RIDDOR
  • Work Records
  • Work Records Audit
  • Site Inspection
Interviews will be held with responsible people within the organisation and they will be asked to demonstrate their processes and procedures.
A full written report would be produced by NICEIC Consulting and be presented at a follow up meeting.
The gap analysis report should then be used as a tool by the organisation to help them develop robust processes.
Time: Approximately 2 days on site
Outcome: Detailed written report and action plan to follow

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