Gas Policies and Procedures

We recognise the potential health and safety risks associated with gas installations and appliances that are under the control of its social housing clients.
To demonstrate this understanding we have introduced an innovative way of developing ‘Gas Policies and Procedures’ for our clients and their contractors. The outcomes provide specific guidance to ensure that safe systems of work are implemented across landlord’s gas safety related liabilities.
A typical ‘Policy and Procedure’ manual will cover the following topics:
  • Hard to access properties
  • LGSRs
  • Unsafe situations
  • LPG
  • Property alterations
  • Gas Safe Registration
  • Management of external contractors
  • Carbon Monoxide alarm activation
  • Quality Control
  • Non-domestic boiler plant
  • Control of specialist tools
  • Guidance for servicing gas appliances
  • Customers own appliances
  • Empty Homes
  • Mutual exchange properties

Time: This process is on-going and is not time driven.
Outcome: We will work together with our clients as a partnership to develop a robust outcome.

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