Centre Referral Scheme

NICEIC and ELECSA have set up the Centre Referral Scheme to reward centres.  
What is the Centre Referral Scheme? It is a unique scheme developed by the NICEIC and ELECSA brands that rewards centres for their support and creates a one stop shop to their customers.
How does the scheme work? NICEIC and ELECSA will give a referral fee to any centre that refers a customer to join one of our schemes.
When you join our referral scheme we will provide you with PowerPoint presentations and all the supporting documentation that you need to get started as well as the following Free Materials;
•       Posters
•       Connections Magazine
•       Technical pocket Guides
•       Registration Guides
•       Application forms and more…..
If you would like to receive further information about the referral scheme, please contact us
Email: referral@certsure.com
Telephone: 03330156626
Which Schemes are the Referral Payments applied to? The Referral Payments are applied to the following schemes:
  • Approved Contractor Scheme
  • Domestic Installer Scheme
  • ELECSA Part P Registration
  • MCS Installer Scheme
o   Solar PV
o   Solar Thermal
o   Heat Pumps
o   Biomass
o   Combined Heat and Power
  • Competent Persons Scheme
o   Ventilation
o   Plumbing
o   Heating (Oil and Solid Fuel)
o   Microgeneration
o   Windows
  • Green Deal Installer Scheme
  • BAFE
How do I join the Centre Referral Scheme? If you would like to join our referral scheme please contact us on by email or by calling us on
Email: referral@certsure.com
Telephone: 01246 580088
We can set your centre up with a standard 30 day terms credit account for any materials you order.