Lightning Protection

Lightning, Risk and Surge Protection to the British Standard BS EN 62305:2006 

Classroom based course for understanding BS EN 62305 - The risks and protection against both Direct and Indirect Lightning strikes to a structure and its electrical / electronic contents.

What will you learn?

How to apply the requirements of BS EN 62305, documents 1 to 4, to achieve an effective Lightning Protection solution.

Who should attend?

Candidates should have a basic knowledge and understanding of Lightning Protection principles and ideally have previously worked to BS 6651: Protection of structures against Lightning.

The course program.

Session 1 – Introduction to BS EN 62305:2006

The student will gain knowledge of:

  • The inter-relation between the four documents that form the standard
  • Purpose of each document
  • Definitions
  • General principles
  • Lightning current and Surge voltage Wave-shapes
  • Basic Zone concept

Session 2 – BS EN 62305-2, Risk Management

The student will gain knowledge of:

  • The need for the Risk Assessment
  • Risks R1, R2, R3 and R4
  • Sub components forming each risk
  • Factors that make up the actual and tolerable risk
  • Managing the risk
  • A practical example of a risk assessment

Session 3 – BS EN 62305-3, Physical Damage to Structures and Life Hazard

The student will gain knowledge of:

  • Structural External protection methods
  • The Rolling Sphere concept
  • Angle of protection
  • Cross bonded systems
  • Separated systems
  • Earthing systems

Session 4 – BS EN 62305-4, Electrical and Electronic Systems

The student will gain knowledge of:

  • Equipment  safe withstand voltages
  • Application of the Zone concept
  • Lightning Current arrestor
  • Surge voltage arrestor
  • Protection of Telecomm / Data / Low voltage systems
  • Co-ordinated surge protection 


Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of all aspects of the standard and how to apply the standards structured and logical approach to achieve a fully co-ordinated solution.

Cost: £145 + VAT

Duration: 1 day

Assessment: NICEIC

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