Safe Isolation

Safe Isolation Workshop for non-electricians 

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Course Description: This course will give a candidate the skills and knowledge to allow them to safely isolate an electrical installation or part of it.

What will you learn? The workshop will confirm the individual understands how to correctly use test equipment to isolate all of, or part of, and electrical installation to allow safe work.

Who should attend? Individuals wanting to prove their competence and wanting to understand how to safely and correctly isolate electrical systems to complete electrical repairs of installation work. This course will refresh current practicing electricians and give non electrical the skills to be able to work with electrical installations safely.

The Course Programme 


  • The Electricity at Work Regulations
  • Voltage testing equipment types and compliance
  • Safe isolation procedure explained and demonstrated


  • Practical safe isolation techniques explained and demonstrated
  • Assessment
    • Short Multi Choice exam
    • Practical safe isolation assessment

Those individuals or organisations that are required to prove they can comply with the requirements of the health and safety at work act, this course will allow you to have a certificate of achievement covering safe isolation. This will recognise the level of ability the individual has to safely isolate an electrical installation.

Cost: £135 + VAT 

Duration: 1 Day

Assessment: NICEIC

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