Surge Protection

Surge Protection to the British Standard BS7671:2011 amendment 1 

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Classroom based course for understanding BS7671 based on sections 443,444, 534 and appendix 16.

What will you learn?

How to carry out the risk assessment to section 443 to determine if surge protection is required.

How to install surge protection devices and understand the technical differences between SPD types in section 534.

Who should attend?

Candidates should have a knowledge and understanding of electrical networks and have passed existing electrical qualifications to BS7671:2008.

The course program.

Session 1 – Introduction to BS7671:2011 amendment 1 section 443

The student will gain knowledge of:

  • The sources of electrical disturbances of atmospheric and manmade origins
  • The definition of insulation category and withstand voltages (Uw)
  • AQ method of risk value as a determinant to the application of SPDs
  • Risk assessment based on consequential levels of protection
  • Lightning exposure levels and ceruanic levels across the UK
  • How to use the risk assessment formulae 

Session 2 – BS7671:2011 amendment 1 section 534 ,444 and 443

The student will gain knowledge of:

  • The application of surge protective devices to meet requirements of section 443
  • The lightning protection zone concept.
  • Earthing requirements of section 444 for the reduction of disturbances due to EMC
  • Explanation of fixed earth terminals in Bonding Ring conductors
  • The best practice of the installation of SPDs
  • New definitions and parameters explained relating to surge protection devices
  • Connection methods and the key points in selection of SPDs
  • The critical parameters to a good installation and understanding technical characteristics

Session 3 – BS7671:2011 amendment 1 appendix 16

The student will gain knowledge of:

  • The different connection models in different supply networks
  • The classification of SPD types to IEC 61643
  • Guidance for the siting of SPDs

Session 4 – BS7671 guide to installations and applications

The student will gain knowledge of:

  • The pitfalls of legacy SPDs installed in the field
  • Explanation of the way a SPD works
  • The selection guide to surge protection devices
  • Practical application process and walk through of product selection
  • Pitfalls in installations
  • Risk management overview from BSEN 62305


Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of all aspects of the standard and how to apply the standards structured and logical approach to achieve a fully co-ordinated surge protection solution.

Cost: £145 + VAT

Duration: 1 day

Assessment: NICEIC

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