Core Commercial Gas Safety 

What will you learn?

All aspects of commercial gas safety.

Who should attend?

All engineers working on commercial natural gas fuelled installations and appliances.

The course programme

Day 1

■ Tightness testing principles, pipe volume, purge volumes

■ Commercial pipework

■ Pipe sizing

■ Pipework defects and faults

■ Unsafe situations and emergency actions

Day 2

■ Appliance controls

■ Combustion

■ Commercial flues

Day 3

■ Gas safety legislation

■ Commercial ventilation


Successful candidates will be able to work safely on commercial gas appliances and installations.

Next step

Candidates can move onto specific commercial appliances training such as CIGA1, CORT1, ICPN1, CDGA1, BHP1, CMET1 & 2, TPCP1 & 1a, CCCN1, CODC1, COMCAT1, COMCAT3 and REGT1.


2 days

Cost: £360 + VAT: 

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