Domestic Advisor Course

Who should attend?

As a prerequisite, individuals must be qualified as a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) before qualifying as a Green Deal Advisor (GDA). For individuals already qualified as a DEA Elmhurst offer a straightforward three day training course. We also offer an additional joint DEA and GDA training package for candidates starting without previous training. 

Work areas

Domestic Green Deal Advisor

What will I learn?

This course qualifies individuals to become domestic Green Deal Advisors. A domestic GDA is an individual who is qualified to undertake energy calculations using the appropriate Green Deal software on existing dwellings to produce a Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR)

The GDA City & Guilds course includes:

  • Green Deal legislation and supervisory framework
  • The structure of the Green Deal Industry - funding, providers, advisors and installers
  • The Code of Conduct and managing conflicts of interest
  • Occupancy Assessment inspection technique and data gathering
  • Green Deal Advice Report data requirement, format and software
  • Understanding the relationship between improvement measures, the building fabric and householder lifestyles
  • Recommending improvement measures appropriate to the household
  • Providing behavioral energy saving advice to householders
  • Explaining Green Deal Plans and consumer rights
  • Portfolio build and assessment

Course Programme

Day one:

  • Introduction to the Green Deal
  • The City and Guilds Award – Format and Syllabus
  • Structure of the Green Deal Industry
  • The Code of Practice and Specifications
  • Regional Scope and the Effect of Tenure
  • Quality Assurance for Advisors
  • Communication with Green Deal Customers
  • Energy Company Obligation
  • FITs and RHIs

Day Two

  • Green Deal Advice Report Production
  • Green Deal Functionality in the EPC
  • Occupancy Assessment Data Entry
  • Occupancy Assessment Workshop
  • Behavioural  Energy Advice

Day Three

  • Bill Reconciliation Exercise
  • In-Use Factors for Improvement Measures
  • Sequencing of Improvement Measures
  • Improvement Measure Triggers and Standards
  • Issues to Consider When Selecting Measures
  • Portfolio Build and Assessment Day Arrangements

Assessment Day:

  • Short free text written test (closed book)
  • Two short role plays simulating a Green Deal customer interaction
  • Multi-choice Online Examination (One hour)


  • Experienced and skilled Trainers 
  • Regional Locations 
  • Lunch and refreshments provided 
  • C&G Registration 
  • Technical support helpline during training
  • Access to comprehensive training materials and key documents 

Qualification Body

City & Guilds


£950 (Plus VAT)

+ C&G Registration Fee £100 (VAT exempt)

Total= £1240

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