Safe Isolation

Safe Isolation 

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Every year, people working on construction sites and on refurbishment and maintenance activities suffer electric shock and burn injuries some of which, tragically, are fatal.

Electrical contractors should be aware that many of these accidents are a direct consequence of electricians not implementing safe isolation procedures on low voltage installations (that is, those operating at up to 1000 V a.c. or 1500 V d.c.).

Anticipated duration:                    2 - 3 Guided Learning Hours

Type of CPD material:                    Distant Learning Package

The course programme

  • Introduction
  • Legislation
  • HSE Guidance
  • Site Safety Management
  • Safe Isolation Procedures
  • Assessment


Successful completion of this course will mean that candidates will have a better knowledge and understanding of the correct legislations in how to carry out safe isolation.

Cost  £25 + VAT

Assessment CPD Certified

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