Scottish Regs

Scottish Regs 

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Scottish Building Regulation Qualification (SBRQ)

Anybody needing a formal qualification to access the Certifier of Construction Scheme can now complete this online course.  

What will you learn?

Candidates will learn about the Scottish Building Regulations and their impact on electrical installation work. The Certifier of Construction Scheme and notification process will also be explained.

Who should attend?

Any electrical contractor wanting to install and certify work in compliance with the requirements of the Scottish Building Regulations. Any contractors currently certifying under the scheme that require an update can also take the online course.

The Course Programme


  • History of Scottish Building Regulations
  • Definitions

Module 2 

  • Certifiers roles and responsibilities

Module 3

  • Scheme application explained
  • Certification process explained

Modules 4 & 5

  • Technical requirements of the Scottish Building Regulations

Multiple choice practice questions will be given at the end of each module to ensure understanding. The candidate’s assessment will then be arranged at a time and place to suit them. NICEIC can assess contractors individually if need be. However if their annual assessment is due it may be possible to conduct the assessment with the Area Engineer.


Candidates can complete the required learning and assessments without significantly interrupting their working week. Successful completion of this course will mean that candidates fulfil one of the key requirements for the Certifier of Construction Scheme.

Next Step

Successful candidates can apply to the NICEIC Certifier of Construction Scheme which allows them to register electrical installation work in accordance with the Scottish Building Regulations.

Cost £95 + VAT

Assessment NICEIC/CPD

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