PV Installation

PV Panel Installation Course for non electrical installers 

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Course Description: This course is designed to train a non electrical installer to safely install DC solar panels.

What will you learn? The course will cover the requirements of safe isolation, DC safety requirements with respect to the panels and the requirements of the array construction.

Who should attend? Any person working on the roof installation team of a PV installation crew. This course will teach those non electrical persons how to work safely with the DC voltage.

The Course Programme

  • Safe isolation
  • DC cable types
  • Roof anchor types
  • Roof rails and fixings
  • DC connectors
  • Best guidance installation explained

Any person completing this course will be able to work safely with the DC voltage. This training will ensure the employer is training all of their staff to understand the risks associated with DC voltage from the panels.

Cost £145 + VAT

Duration 1 day

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