Water Regs

The Water Regulations 1999 

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What will you learn?

The requirements of the Water Regulations and its effects on water supply organisations and individuals.

Who should attend?

All plumbers and engineers involved in the installation, commissioning, service and repair of hot water systems, solar thermal hot water systems or air source/ground source heat pumps.

The course programme

■ Water Regulations 1999

■ Pipework and fittings

■ Tightness testing

■ Cleansing and flushing of water systems

■ Commissioning

■ Maintenance and repair


Successful candidates will have sufficient knowledge of the Water Regulations to ensure that all installation work is carried out in accordance with the current legislation.

Next step

Candidates might also be interested in diversifying their business into the emerging renewable energy market. To find out more about the NICEIC Microgeneration Installer Scheme (MCS) call 0870 013 0458.

1 Day

£175 + VAT

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