NICEIC Contractor

What happens on an assessment?

The assessment process is straightforward
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How long does the assessment take?

Guidelines as to how long an assessment lasts
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How do I prepare for an assessment?

Assessment preparation is key to a mutually beneficial assessment experience
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What is the role of the Qualified Supervisor?

The role of the Qualified Supervisor is critical to the quality of the installation work a business undertakes
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What qualifications do I need as Qualified Supervisor on the Approved Contractor scheme?

There are a number of recognised routes to meet the scheme requirements
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What qualifications do I need as Qualified Supervisor on the Domestic Installer scheme?

The scheme recognises a number of different qualification routes
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What is the role of the Principal Duty Holder?

The Principal Duty Holder has a very responsible role in the business
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niceic and assessments

Your assessment will usually last for a half or full day.

It is not uncommon for contractors to feel nervous on the day.

However, it is important to understand that our engineers are not there to catch you out or trip you up.
It is simply an opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to carry out electrical installation work in compliance with the required regulations.

It is also an opportunity to meet with and discuss any technical matters with one of our highly skilled engineers.

Some people even look forward to it!

The following documents will help you prepare for your assessment:

Types of Work for Assessment

PDH & QS Guide to Roles and Responsibilities

Example Personal CPD Record
Sample Form - Record of Complaints

Safety Through the Accuracy of Test Equipment

Example Test Instrument Accuracy Record

Example Supervision Record

Additional Guide for Demonstrating Competence of Employed Persons

Defined Approval List

Electrical Schemes Surveillance Assessment Guide

Acceptable QS Qualifications (AC Scheme)

Acceptable QS Qualifications (DIS Scheme)