NICEIC Contractor

How do I prepare for an assessment?

Being fully prepared for your assessment is the key to a mutually beneficial assessment experience.

By being organised, not only does it help the Area Engineer in performing their task more efficiently but it means you can use the time to your own advantage.

This means you can ask your own questions about technical standards, industry best practice and advice on how the NICEIC can support you in your business.

General advice about how to prepare for your assessment:

  • Office premises - usually the Area Engineer will need to see your office, whether this is within your home or a separate business address.
  • Office procedures and paperwork - usually checked whilst at your office. Ensure that all relevant policies, procedures and insurances are documented and readily available to show the Area Engineer.
  • Installation records - including installation certificates raised against completed work including building regulations notifications (where applicable).
  • Technical qualifications - of the nominated Qualified Supervisor are also checked as part of the office assessment.
  • Technical reference documents - ensure these are up to date and readily available for access.
  • Test instruments and leads - ensure that these have up to date service records, accuracy logs and are available on the day of assessment for use.
  • On site work - ensure that there is suitable work for the Area Engineer to inspect. This includes checking that access on the required day is possible.
Each scheme will have its own specific assessment criteria and guidance for preparation. For further information head over to our Join Us pages.

Alternatively you can call us to discuss your registration needs on 0333 015 6626.