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What is the role of the Principal Duty Holder?

The Principal Duty Holder is a person appointed by the business with responsibility for the maintenance of the overall standard and quality of the electrical installation work undertaken. Principal Duty Holders also have a responsibility to ensure that employees are competent to carry out the range of work required of them.

Although the Principal Duty Holder will need to be present for the first part of the assessment and the closing meeting, they are not assessed on their technical ability.

In smaller organisations, the same person can fulfil the roles of Principal Duty Holder and Qualified Supervisor.

For more information regarding roles and responsibilities read our PDH and QS Guide or engage with its simplified interactive online version

An appointed Principal Duty Holder will:
  • Have responsibility for all matters relating to enrolment and be the main point of contact
  • Be a full-time manager or employee of the business
  • Have responsibility for health and safety and other legal requirements relating to the range of electrical work the business undertakes 
  • Be responsible for the assignment of electrical work to the Qualified Supervisor(s)
  • Ensure that all work undertaken or arranged is carried out by competent persons who are appropriately supervised
  • Ensure that the appropriate certificates and reports are issued for all completed electrical work
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