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As an Electrical Business you can issue handwritten or electronic forms across:
  • Electrical Installation – including Minor Works
  • EICRs
  • Fire Alarm
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Domestic Ventilation Systems
We offer NICEIC & ELECSA registered businesses,  software called NICEIC Online, where the only cost is upon signing off a completed certificate. NICEIC Online links your certificate number and post code through to the Building Notification portal.

This allows your business to Certify and Notify your work in line with the current Wiring Regulations and Building Regulations, with a number of features and benefits including:
  • No license fees or any software to install
  • Available for desktop and tablet devices*
  • Self-certify your work, sending an electronic confirmation to the Local Building Control Body
  • Pay as you go method - so no more wasted handwritten pads
  • Low cost solution, compared to Local Authority charges to process Building Notifications
  • More professional image than handwritten forms
  • Add your company logo
To discover more about the features and benefits of NICEIC & ELECSA Online, please click here.

Alternatively to use official NICEIC branded electrical forms you can use our partner, Clik Software. Their software solution is installed on your device, for more information click here.

Other software providers provide solutions, but they cannot supply official NICEIC or ELECSA branded forms.

*Please view the NICEIC Online User Guide for compatible devices and systems