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Does NICEIC and ELECSA have to implement the changes seen within the 2020 EAS update?  
YES – EAS is recognised by the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government as being the scheme document for all Electrical Competent Persons Schemes. As such UKAS will assess against the requirements of EAS.  



What records will the Assessor be checking at the Assessment?  
The Assessor will be checking the following records as appropriate to the range, scale, geographical spread and types of the Electrotechnical work undertaken.  
of all Electrotechnical work carried out together with the specifications, drawings, certificates, reports and other relevant
documents relating to that work for a minimum period of 6 years, or as otherwise contractually required
demonstrating the accuracy and consistency of test instruments held or hired  demonstrating that all Employed Persons are competent and/or adequately supervised to undertake Electrotechnical work  

of all complaints received over the previous 6 years about the technical standard, safety and Functionality of Electrotechnical work, and details of actions taken to resolve the complaints  

of relevant qualifications, training (including Continuous Professional Development) and experience
If the Assessor deems the record keeping inadequate do you fail your Assessment, or would it be an ER outcome?  
At present it will be noted as an observation and addressed at the next assessment unless there is a systematic failure of the business systems and process which would warrant a more severe outcome.  
Will this mean the Assessment will take longer? 
At present it is not expected that the assessment will take any longer than it does currently.  
What evidence would a Business provide to show they are working towards developing systems where records are maintained?  
This would depend on the current system(s) in place, as well as the size of the company, however we have made a CPD record and Supervision Record available for businesses to download and use if needed, this can be found on the NICEIC website.  
What is the evidence registered contractors need to supply to demonstrate CPD?
There is no defined CPD guidance for the amount and type, however we will define this further as an industry in time. We have provided a CPD Record template for contractors to use if they wish to do so, this can be found on the NICEIC website.  
What is an Employed Person? 
Individuals engaged by the Business to perform Electrical work which may include directly employed staff, temporary, agency and/or subcontracted labour including self-employed individuals and sole traders.


What is the Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessment?
If a proposed QS needs to get their skills and experience recognised to the industry Level 3 benchmark, the Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessment can help.  
The Assessment recognises occupational competence for individuals who have not completed an apprenticeship or achieved an equivalent Level 3 vocational qualification.  To qualify for this route contractors must have been working as an electrician for a considerable period (typically over five years).  
It replaces the JIB Mature Candidate Assessment and provides an improved, standardised, and transparent process for experienced workers to accredit their skills. It has been developed via an industry group comprising ECA, JIB, NET, Unite, Certsure, ECS, NAPIT, City and Guilds and EAL.  
The new Experienced Worker Assessment is based on the same content as the electrotechnical apprenticeship, meaning both new entrants and existing workers are now being assessed and accredited against the same industry standard.  
Available now, the new assessment is accessible across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  
For further information click here. 
Are contractors who are already registered with NICEIC and ELECSA on September 1, 2021, required to meet the new application criteria in terms of qualifications ?
NO - Existing NICEIC and ELECSA registered contractors need to meet the new requirements in respect of showing the additional evidence required during assessments, for example focusing on professional behaviours, based around record-keeping of staff qualifications, CPD and supervision of staff where relevant.
However, should a new QS be proposed this contractor will need to meet the new entry requirements from September 1.
Also, when there is a change to BS7671 all QS’s will be required to update their Wiring Regulations qualifications within 2 year of a change to BS761."

If you have further questions, please contact our customer services team on 0333 015 6625 or email enquiries@niceic.com.