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Ventilation is necessary to provide a healthy and comfortable internal environment for a building's occupants. Ventilation removes polluted indoor air from a building and replaces it with fresh outdoor air. The amount of fresh outdoor air should match the needs of the dwelling and the people living within it. Traditionally many UK dwellings have relied on natural air infiltration to provide ventilation. This can result in excessive ventilation rates that increase energy consumption for space heating and cause discomfort to occupants from cold draughts.

Ventilation System Training
NICEIC in partnership with BEAMA and Ventilation System Manufacturers such as Johnson and Starley and Vent Axia have created a training and assessment package for system installers. The course covers many aspects of domestic ventilation systems, from different system types to commissioning and hand over of systems. The course has been mapped to the Minimum Technical Competences (MTC) and approved by SummittSkills. 

Competent Persons Scheme
In most cases where it is proposed to carry out notifiable work on a building in England and Wales, it will be necessary to notify the work to a Building Control Body (BCB) in advance. This notification would usually be by the way of a fully planned application or a building notice given to a local authority, or an initial notice given jointly with the approved inspector. 

It is not necessary to notify a BCB in advance of work if you are registered with the NICEIC Ventilation Competent Persons Scheme. In order to join our Scheme you must demonstrate competence to carry out this particular type of work and also the ability to comply with all relevant requirements in the Building Regulations.

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