NICEIC | Provides online certification and job notification

Online Certification

Create, administer and store certificates and reports in a simpler, quicker and more streamlined way, saving your business time and money through one system.

  • No set up costs for all NICEIC certified contractors
  • No license fees or any software to install
  • Works on all desktop and tablet devices*
  • Pay as you go method - so no more wasted pads
  • No support costs
  • Use one system to Certify and Notify
  • Multiple users can log in at the same time
  • Easily duplicate certificates for similar installations
  • Go paperless, emailing your certificates to your customers
  • Adds value to your customers
  • More professional look
  • Add your company logo

*Please view the NICEIC Online User Guide for compatible devices and systems

The certificates and reports on NICEIC Online allow you to:
  • Complete forms in the certificate view or data entry view
  • Improved circuit creation including custom circuit numbering
  • Improved creation of distribution boards and consumer units
  • Store favourite client sites and contacts to populate certificates
The system also allows you to notify your completed work to comply with the Building Regulations in England & Wales, which will automatically send your customer a hard or electronic copy of the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate within 10 working days.

Any domestic work notified by you, to Building Control is searchable through the site

This means your customers can order extra copies of the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate through this website.