Initial verification and periodic inspections & testing combined

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Duration: 5 days
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This course is aimed at experienced electricians and is intended to improve skills and understanding. It covers inspecting and testing of new and existing single and three-phased installations in line with the requirements of BS 7671 as well as the correct completion of certification and reporting.

Day 1:

  • Statutory and non statutory documents explained
  • Safe isolation of single and three-phase systems
  • Types of electrical test equipment 

Day 2:

  • Documentation explained
    • Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate
    • Electrical Installation Certificate
    • Schedule of items inspected
    • Schedule of test results
    • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

Day 3:

  • Electrical calculations
  • Testing methods explained and practically demonstrated
  • Results interpretation
  • Code requirements for the EICR 

Day 4:

  • Practical
    • Safe Isolation
      • Single-phase
      • Three-phase
    • Continuity
    • Insulation resistance
    • Polarity
    • Earth electrode resistance
    • Earth fault loop impedance
    • Prospective fault current
    • Prospective short circuit current
    • RCD
    • Functional testing
    • Documentation completion
    • EICR coding demonstration

Day 5:

  • Revision and review of days 1 – 4
  • hands-on practical training

After completion of training, delegates will be able to sit either the EAL or City & Guilds examinations. Please be advised that all examinations and practical assessments will take place at a later date once you have completed your training. This will be confirmed by the admin team after booking the course.
There are no formal entry requirements although it is expected that delegates have experience of electrical installation work and a good understanding of electrical science and principles.  Additionally, it is strongly recommended that candidates hold a qualification related to the latest edition of BS 7671 - Requirements for electrical installations (18th Edition).

Those wishing to get up to speed with the subject of inspection and testing before attending should undertake some pre-reading of the relevant aspects of BS 7671 as well as the guidance offered in IET Guidance Note 3.
This course is aimed at those wishing to gain knowledge and practical understanding of Initial Verification and Certification of electrical systems and those wishing to complete Periodic Inspection of electrical installations and Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR).
This qualification gives the delegate the knowledge and practical skills to allow them to complete electrical installation certificates or minor works certificates on electrical installations before putting them into service and completing periodic inspection and testing.

Delegates will also learn:
  • The legal responsibilities of an inspector
  • The reasons for electrical inspection
  • Greater understanding of practical testing techniques
  • How to complete electrical installation certificates (including inspection and test results schedules)
  • How to complete electrical installation condition reports
  • Practical inspection and testing of installations

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