NICEIC Accessory Replacement Workshop

Electrical Fundamentals for Maintenance Operatives

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Duration: 3 days
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This 3 day course is designed to give individuals the necessary skills and understanding required to safely isolate single-phased electrical systems to allow for the removal and replacement of individual items of electrical equipment on a 'like for like' basis.

The Course Programme

  • Legislation and guidance relating to electrical work
  • Safe isolation of single-phase LV electrical supplies
  • Information relating to the service position
  • Understanding final circuit arrangements and associated protective devices
  • Protection fro Safety
  • Electrical connections and the requirements for making electrically sound connections
  • The need and requirements relating to initial verification of completed work
  • The need and requirements relating to the certification of completed 'like for like' electrical work

The course duration will depend upon the amount / type of accessories training is needed for.

This course is intended for operatives who are engaged un maintenance activities involving single-phase electrical equipment
The course is intended to complement other measures which an organisation will have in place to further support individuals to meet the need to have a suitable combination of training, skills, experience and knowledge and for them to be able to apply them, for the nature of the work expected to be undertaken.