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Network Cabling for the Smart Home

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Duration: 2 days
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Previously Domestic Data Cabling Course This course focuses on the considerations and best practices for data cabling in homes. It covers cable and connector types and best practices for design and installation of data wiring schemes. The course also covers the installation and setup of typical home network devices such as routers, switches and access points. It serves as an excellent introduction to this fast growing business area.

Day 1
  • Registration
  • Understanding of the network
  • Understanding Protocol
  • Understanding of I.P address
  • WAN and LAN
  • Practical exercises on basic system configurations

Day 2
  • Cables and Connectivity
  • Signal quality
  • Resistance and attenuation
  • Cable Impedance
  • Wires and cables
  • IDC connectors
  • Practical exercise on connecting and jointing various types of cables
The course is aimed at domestic electrical installers who are looking to develop new skills and new business in data networking. It is also an ideal foundation for those looking to progress into other aspects of the digital smart home market including video, security HVAC and smart home automation.
This course focuses on key aspects of data cabling installation practises, serving as an excellent introduction for those who are looking to acquire knowledge on how to install and test datacomms cabling.