To support our customers we have created some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we have received so far.
If you have further questions, please contact our customer services team on 01582 539707 or email enquiries.elecsa@certsure.com.

To help navigate through our FAQs please use the links below


Where can I find out more information about the ELECSA Brand Retirement?
Please visit the NICEIC website www.niceic.com/elecsa.


Will my annual fee increase next year if I transfer?
If there are any planned fee increases in 2021 this will be the same for NICEIC & ELECSA customers.
Will I be listed on the NICEIC Find a Contractor register if I transfer?
Yes, once you agree to transfer, your registered business details will appear on the NICEIC website. Our Customer Service team will validate all the details are correct as part of the transfer process.
Can I transfer straight to the Approved Contractor scheme from ELECSA Part P?
No, this would need to be a new application to join the Approved Contractor Scheme requiring a Technical Assessment. You can however transfer straight away to the Domestic Installer Scheme.
How do I know if the transfer is completed?
An confirmation email will be sent confirming you are now registered with NICEIC.
Can I use the Online Certification access details for NICEIC?
Yes - it will remain the same.
Is my Certification number / registration date going to change?
No - it will remain the same.
When will my company registration details switch over to the NICEIC Website?
Overnight on the day your transfer has been confirmed.
Will my company registration details switch over to the Competent Person Website?
Yes the Competent Person Website is updated daily.
Will I be issued a new NICEIC certificate and do I have to complete my assessment before the new certificate is issued?
An assessment does not need to be completed to transfer your registration to NICEIC unless it is due. An NICEIC registration certificate will be issued on completion of the transfer.
Will my Direct Debit collection date be the same?
Direct Debit collection dates will remain the same, this will be on or around the 10th of each month.
As an ELECSA Contractor, will my anniversary date remain the same?
Your anniversary date will remain the same once you transfer to NICEIC.
Could I transfer over the NICEIC sooner than my original anniversary date?
Yes, the Principal Duty Holder or a Company Director can request for the registered account to be transferred to NICEIC. Please complete the online transfer form so we can process your request.
Will you send me any information on the scheme rules for NICEIC?
The scheme rules are the same for NICEIC and ELECSA, the rules are available on our website. All applications to transfer will be provided with a link to the scheme rules you are agreeing to.
Will I still use the Online Certification System in the same way?
Yes your access to the Online Certification will remain the same with the same username and password.
Will I need to set up new accounts for the Customer Portal and Shop?
No your existing login details for Online Certification, the Customer Portal and the Shop will remain the same.


If I have an application in process to join an ELECSA scheme, what will happen to my application?
You will be contacted and invited to transfer your application over to NICEIC. If you agree, your application will process as normal. If you do not want to join NICEIC, you will be offered a refund as long as you haven't had your assessment.


Are the Technical Assessment requirements the same for NICEIC & ELECSA Contractors?
Yes the assessment process for registered customers on NICEIC & ELECSA schemes with the same scope of work are the same.
What happens to ELECSA Customers who have their assessment before 26th April?
ELECSA Customers can speak to their Area Engineer about the ELECSA retirement during their assessment. Customers who want to transfer to NICEIC before their assessment can complete the Online Transfer form www.niceic.com/elecsa-transfer.
Will I get the same Area Engineer?
Our aim wherever possible is to maintain the relationship between our Area Engineers and the customer.
Is my assessment the same?
Your assessment process and the technical requirements for your assessment will remain the same.
What happens if someone has an assessment between 1st Feb- 26th April?
The assessment will continue as normal, the customer has the option to complete the Online Transfer form to transfer to NICEIC or remain with ELECSA until their next assessment.


Why should I transfer to NICEIC?
Your accreditation and the service you receive will not change, however your business will benefit from being registered with the NICEIC brand that is 13 times more recognisable with consumers.
As an ELECSA Contractor, can I continue to use the ELECSA brand once I have transferred to NICEIC?
Your accreditation will be with NICEIC and you will be provided with guidelines and tools to use the NICEIC brand. However we appreciate your business may currently use the ELECSA brand and this may take time to phase out. 


Will Certificates I have issued under ELECSA still be valid?
Yes, they remain valid 6 years from completion.
Can I use my ELECSA Paper Certificates under NICEIC?
The ELECSA Paper Certificates will still be valid and technically compliant, but we recommend using branded certificates that align to your NICEIC registration. 
We will provide customers with ELECSA Paper Certificates with NICEIC Paper Certificates if they have purchased these through our web shop.
Can I access my previous historical certificates?
Yes, all historical Building Control Notifications and completed Certificates will be visible for customers that use the Online Certification system.



How will my NICEIC & ELECSA insurance policy be affected?
If you have taken out an insurance policy with NICEIC & ELECSA Insurance Services, your policy will not be affected.
Do I need to tell my insurer even though it is NICEIC & ELECSA insurance?
No - we work in partnership with NICEIC & ELECSA Insurance Services, your policy will not be effected once you transfer to NICEIC.
Will my NICEIC & ELECSA insurance documents need to be changed?
No - your existing policy documents will not need changing, new policy documents will be provided if you renew your policy with NICEIC & ELECSA Insurance Services.
Can I renew/buy an ELECSA branded policy or should I move it to NICEIC?
Our insurance services currently operates with dual branded options.
Will moving to NICEIC effect my insurance premium?
No - Moving to NICEIC will not affect your insurance premium. As long as you are a registered NICEIC contractor you will receive your 10% membership discount. 

However, if you require material change and/or other amendments to your cover, this can affect your premium.