NICEIC's Platinum Promise and Complaints Resolution Process


In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with work carried out by NICEIC registered business, we are here to help. 

Step 1 - It is good to talk… 

In the first instance, we will ask you to contact your contractor directly to discuss your concerns. We do this as, from experience, we know that in many cases, it may be possible for you to work together to find a solution.   

It is also worth noting that as part of their registration with us, all NICEIC registered businesses must have a robust complaint process in place.   

Step 2 – Contact us… 

If you have contacted the business and cannot come to an agreement, don’t worry. NICEIC’s complaints process exists to help resolve issues when communication breaks down.   

To start this process, we will need a few simple things from you: 

1. Please review our Code of Conduct and complaints resolution process,  

2. Please check your complaint falls within the parameters as outlined in the blue section of the table below 

If your complaint does fall within our parameters, please provide us with the details using our complaints form. Once completed, please email this form and all supporting evidence to    

If you have any questions relating to the form or the process, please feel free to give us a call on 01582 539 036 


Once you have submitted your complaint, our team will open an investigation.   

Please rest assured that we take all complaints seriously and are committed to dealing with them fairly, impartially, and swiftly.

Should your complaint be upheld, we will instruct the NICEIC registered business to return to your home to rectify the issues. We will also remain involved in the process until the situation is resolved. 


NICEIC is a voluntary certification body. Essentially this means we assess businesses to verify from a technical standpoint they are competent to undertake the work for which they are certified.   

We are not, however, a regulatory body – and there is no legislation in the UK requiring contractors to be registered with a certification body such as us.    

As such, NICEIC has no jurisdiction over how a contractor runs their business, providing the work they undertake is compliant with the relevant industry regulations. 

when we can help with your complaint:

  • The work carried out does not meet the required standards
  • The work was ordered by yourself or you have permission to act on their behalf
  • The work has been completed within the last 6 years

  • The work has been completed by one of our registered contractors

  • If you are willing to allow the contractor to return to the property
  • A complaint has already been raised in writing with the contractor

when we cannot help with your complaint:

  • Matters relating to compensation and/or refunds
  • Anything to do with pricing, invoicing, quotes, credits or product related faults
  • If legal action has already begun or legally binding reconciliation has/is being made through an alternative dispute resolution service 

  • If other contractors have worked on the same installation (excluding making safe)

  • Accidental property damage as this should be dealt with by your household insurance
  • Completing unfinished contracted work