NICEIC Platinum Promise

Platinum Promise Exclusions

The Platinum Promise is subject to the following exclusions:

  1. If the work is older than six years 
  2. If there is insufficient evidence to determine fault
  3. If other warranties or complaint processes supersede those of NICEIC
  4. The cost of rectifying any consequential damage associated with the claim
  5. The cost of rectifying any work or elements of work which fall beyond the activities for which the installer was registered with NICEIC (scope of certification) at the time of installation
  6. Any reduction in value or loss of enjoyment use, income, profit or opportunity inconvenience distress or any other kind of consequential or economic loss
  7. Any breakdown failure or inefficancy of machinery, boilers, computers or any other equipment/products
  8. Rectification of work required due to the use of defective materials which were correctly installed
  9. That part of any claim where NICEIC’s right of recovery is restricted by any contract
  10. The cost of routine maintenance overhaul or modification or loss or damage arising therefrom
  11. Loss caused by fair wear and tear sunlight, storm or deterioration due to neglect in maintenance, shrinkage, dampness or condensation due to normal drying out or attributable to any central heating installation a non-existent or ineffective damp-proof course
  12. Any loss liability damage or defect caused by any peril capable of being insured under a commercial liability property household or similar policy of insurance whether or not such insurance is effective or in force at the time
  13. Any loss destruction damage liability or expense of whatsoever nature arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with war, terrorism, nuclear or radioactive contamination risks
  14. NICEIC are required to appoint all 3rd parties to conduct remedial works, claims cannot be made retrospectively unless prior agreement in writing has been obtained
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