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Competent Persons Scheme

For all building services installers to comply with Building Regulations.

NICEIC can support contractors working across different building services sectors to notify work under the Building Regulations. The advantages of being certified with us to do this are:

  • Certified installers save time because they do not have to notify the local authority in advance of the work - they just notify their work online with us and we issue a building compliance certificate to the customer as well as advise the relevant local authority that work has taken place
  • Consumers benefit as building control charges will not be payable and you can offer a complete service to your customer
The range of work that we can cover for Building Regulations notification include:

  • Electrical (for contractors only doing electrical work, please go to our page for Domestic Installers
  • Ventilation
  • Plumbing
  • Heating and Hot Water
  • Microgeneration
Existing certified contractors can benefit from reduced prices by combining scheme assessments. Applicants may also benefit by including this scheme with others such as MCS or Green Deal.

To discuss your particular requirements call us on 0333 015 6626.

£490 + VAT

Initial registration fee

£485* + VAT

Annual registration fee (Discount available for payment by annual DD)

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To apply for the Competent Person scheme, just call us on 0333 015 6626.

Alternatively we will call you to progress your application if you complete our online enquiry form by clicking on the red button above.

Once your full application has been processed we will advise you of an assessment date.  Your area engineer will meet you and conduct the assessment.  At the end of the assessment a recommendation will be made as to whether you meet the scheme requirements. This recommendation is independently verified and written confirmation of your certification will be sent to you. The Assessment Overview section provides more guidance as to how to prepare for your assessment.

Please note that if you run your business from multiple offices you will need to submit a separate application for each contracting site.

For more information about the scheme please refer to our Guide to Registration.
To apply for the Competent Person Scheme you will need:

  • Insurance - for those carrying out work in domestic dwellings this must be at least £2 million of Public Liability insurance
  • Warranty - registered contractors must offer clients a warranty for completed work in accordance with being a member of the Competent Persons Scheme. By being registered with us you will be able to do this automatically via the job notification portal
  • Qualifications of the Qualified Supervisor - where formal qualifications do not exist, equivalent qualifications together with relevant experience may be considered
  • All scheme applicants will be expected to have knowledge of the relevant Building Regulations applicable to their area of work

The assessment normally lasts about half a day and starts at your place of business. A member of our technical assessment team will meet with the person(s) responsible for the quality of the design and installation of work undertaken.

The purpose of the site assessment is for you to show your work meets the industry standards and regulations for that work. The sites you present must be representative of the work you normally do and been completed within the last 12 months. They should also be within 30 minutes of each other to ensure there is enough time to complete the assessment.

The main considerations of the assessment are that:
  • The installation selected has been installed in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations
  • The business can demonstrate the ability to inspect, test and commission the installation in accordance with the required standards. Where appropriate, test instruments must be available
  • Any other appropriate parts of applicable Regulations, Standards or Directives are being adhered to, eg: water regulations
At the end of the assessment, our engineer will provide you with a completed visit summary and recommendation form which will tell you if you are being recommended for registration. This recommendation will be verified by NICEIC and confirmation will be put in writing to you following the assessment.
To apply for the NICEIC Competent Persons Schemes you will need the following documents:

  1. Competent Person Scheme Guide
  2. Competent Person Scheme Rules - an important document which outlines the terms and conditions of the Scheme
  3. Fee Sheet
Note that this scheme is more relevant to gas, heating and plumbing engineers.  Contractors that want to be registered for electrical work should refer to our Domestic Installer Scheme.

For information about the process we follow when we receive complaints from customers about contractors, please click here.