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Hazardous Areas Scheme

Covers electrical work carried out in potentially explosive environments.

Sometimes electrical work is undertaken in areas where there are gases, vapours or combustible dust particles present. In such circumstances, the work needs additional requirements to ensure that contractors are working safely.

This scheme is available to contractors who wish to demonstrate that they are competent to undertake work in these high risk situations and are already registered as Approved Contractors.

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Approved Contractors can apply for an extension to their scope to cover Hazardous Areas by contacting Customer Services on 0333 015 6625 or you can email them at

Our Guide to Registration for Hazardous Areas can be found here.
To apply for an extension of scope to cover Hazardous Areas, you will need to demonstrate at assessment that:

  • Your business is currently registered as an NICEIC Approved Contractor
  • Your business is directly engaged in electrical work in potentially explosive atmospheres (other than in mines, medical locations and locations relating to the manufacture and processing of explosives, and off-shore)
  • You have undertaken electrical work in potentially explosive atmospheres for at least 6 months
  • You can arrange access to a range of hazardous area work sufficient for technical evaluation and assessment purposes
  • You have equipment appropriate to the range and scale of electrical work undertaken in hazardous areas (including, if appropriate, gauges such as feeler gauges)
  • You hold British Standards and other technical reference documents relevant to the range and scale of electrical work undertaken in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • You employ persons competent to undertake electrical work in hazardous areas, who are adequately and appropriately supervised
  • There are established and maintained training and experience records for each person who may be assigned
  • To undertake electrical work in potentially explosive atmospheres (except for persons who will be subject to constant supervision)
  • There is one or more suitable Qualified Supervisors for Hazardous Areas

An extension of scheme to cover Hazardous Areas will require an additional assessment by an area engineer. The visit will be structured to cover particular requirements when undertaking work in hazardous areas, such as:

  • Looking at the procedures involved in managing work undertaken in hazardous areas including certification of work
  • Reviewing competency levels and training records of staff doing the work
  • Checking access to relevant technical standards
  • Checking that the insurance provision for the business covers work in hazardous areas
  • Onsite evaluation of completed work to monitor adherence to relevant standards
At the end of the assessment the area engineer will give you feedback on how it went. They will then make one of the following recommendations:
  • Certification Recommended - your business will be recommended for certification if your office processes meet the requirements of the scheme

  • Certification Not Recommended - if your business does not fully comply with the scheme requirements but is likely to do so after addressing any identified issues, a recommendation will be made to further assess the organisation. Depending on the issues identified this may be addressed through submission of evidence or an additional assessment

Technical Review and Certification Decision
An independent technical expert from the audit team will review the certification recommendation to ensure nothing has been missed. This review will grant certification if you have been successful and you will be notified in writing.

You will need the following documents to apply for an extension of scope to cover Hazardous Areas:
  1. Hazardous Areas Scheme Guidewhich provides helpful advice on preparing for assessment
  2. Hazardous Areas Extension of Scope Application which can be printed and returned or call us on 0333 015 6625 to apply now
  3. Hazardous Areas Qualified Supervisor Application to nominate the proposed Qualified Supervisor responsible for the work in Hazardous Areas undertaken by your business
  4. Fee Sheet

The following will help you prepare for your assessment

  1. Surveillance Assessment Guide - everything you need for your assessment
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