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Have you had work carried out on your home by someone not qualified to do so? Have you had to pay out to have the work rectified? Have you been the victim of a rogue trader?

More than a third of UK homeowners do not check for ID when letting tradesmen into their home. Over the past five years more than 6 million people in the UK have employed a cowboy trader, creating shoddy work that has cost thousands to put right.

In a bid to clamp down on rogue traders and the misuse of professional trade logos, NICEIC teamed up with TV personality Rav Wilding to launch a campaign, urging homeowners to A.S.K

Ask for NICEIC
See if it’s legit
Keep your home safe

Tony Cable, spokesperson for NICEIC, commented: “Our message is simple – ASK and double check, always find out for yourself that the tradesman at your door is who they say they are. By not checking out a tradesman, consumers could be inviting in a rogue and costing themselves a fortune if a bodged job needs to be put right.”

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