Ban the Bravado

caught on camera

Below is a gallery of images sent in by our registered contractors of electrical bodge jobs they have come across in their day to day work. Much of the work is dangerous and unsafe. Make sure you always use a registered electrician so that your home doesn’t feature in the gallery below.

[sent in by Gavin Jones]electrical_work_burnt_fuse.jpg

[sent in by keith Williams]electrical_work_wiring.jpg

[sent in by JHC Electrical]electrical_work_wiring_to_lampost.jpg

[sent in by Adam Blewer]electrical_work_wires_220x204.jpg

[sent in by Kenny Cresswell]electrical_work_sockets_220x204.jpg

[sent in by Mark Smith]electrical_work_socket_220x204.jpg

[sent in by Daniel Mitchell]


[sent in by Ben Marshall]electrical_work_in_home.jpg

[sent in by Rodney Hulse]electrical_wiring_wall_220x204.jpg

[sent in by Warren Vaughton]electrical_work_wiring_220x204.jpg

[sent in by David Fretwell]eletrical_work_socket_wiring.jpg

[sent in by Davey Electrical]electrical_work_washing_machine.jpg