With A Level results day due on Thursday 18 August 2022, the UK’s leading name for certified electrical contractors is reminding college leavers to consider the many viable alternatives to a degree.

NICEIC is encouraging more young entrants to consider a hands-on apprenticeship and choose a career as an electrician – highlighting not just the potential earnings as a major incentive but, more significantly, the ability to help consumers meet their desire for cleaner energy. 
Paul Collins, head of technical services at NICEIC, comments:

“There truly has never been a more exciting time to consider a career in the electrotechnical industry. Many trades offer college leavers a viable career path – yet for the electrical profession in particular, certified electrical contractors can enjoy the moral fulfilment of helping UK businesses and homeowners operate and live in a more sustainable way.” 
Recently, the global association for engineering professionals, SAE International, suggested that the demand for licensed electricians will increase by 25% over 20 years solely for the purpose of EV installation . In addition, a 2016 report by the European Renewable Energies Foundation forecast that British energy ‘prosumers’ (i.e. someone who both consumes and produces electricity) would grow from one to 24 million people by 2050. This being due to a growing proportion of savvy homeowners seeking to power their homes and vehicles via solar panels and store any excess energy instead of selling it back to the grid.
Paul continues: “The skills of the electrician and electrical contractor are developing at an exciting pace and are at the forefront of this green revolution. As we look to the future, we foresee a demand from consumers for certified electrical contractors who have the appropriate training and knowledge to help them adapt and futureproof their properties for EV charging, solar panels and energy storage. More and more, the nation will be looking to those competent within this sector to facilitate our low carbon future.”
According to the Purpose Pulse Report 2021, almost two thirds (65%) of Millennials and Gen Z are worried about climate change, citing it as either a “challenge” (38%) or a “significant challenge” (27%) for their generation . Happily for those Gen Zers receiving their A Level results this week, they have a golden opportunity to select a career path which will enable them actively play their part in combatting this challenge. 
Paul comments: “Those embarking on a career as an electrician now will be uniquely placed to acquire knowledge about the future of green technologies on the home front and actively play a role in making the homes of Great Britain more efficient and sustainable, and helping us.”
Current data from the National Careers Service shows that the average starting salary for electricians is £18,000 per annum, working 30-40 hours per week, but this can rise to annual earnings of £42,000 once they are experienced.  
“University is not for everyone and the perception that you can only have a successful career if you get a degree is a false one,” adds Paul. “In fact, research from the Federation of Master Builders revealed that construction apprentices will go on to earn thousands of pounds more, every year, than many of their university-educated counterparts. The challenge is that the construction sector doesn’t always enjoy the best representation as a viable career path within schools and colleges. As such, we would like to see more existing electricians and engineers engaging with schools to demonstrate the merits of the profession. But to those who are receiving their results this week, we say to you that the electrotechnical industry is a compelling sector; and one to seriously consider as we collectively tackle the world’s number one priority of climate change.”

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