NICEIC - Consultancy Reporting & Client Portal


We report back to our clients on the quality of the physical work undertaken and the documentation produced. We assist each organisation to set realistic but challenging contract KPIs. Throughout the duration of any audit programme we track trends on performance and produce action plans for sustained improvements.
Benchmarking is another key facet that is included in all of the reports that NICEIC Consulting produce. This benchmarking allows clients to compare their performance against other peer organisations that work within the gas and electrical sectors.
For many organisations customer satisfaction is a key marker that is continually measured. To assist our clients NICEIC Consulting undertake a survey in every property that we access, all findings are reported back to the client.
Client Portal
NICEIC Consulting reports are delivered via our interactive portal. This allows our clients to view the results of audit programmes in a flexible way. The portal provides a report drill down facility ensuring that a client is systematically directed to any performance failings.
The client portal is easy to access and allows all reports to be stored in one central place. A backlog of reports will be available for a minimum of five years, before archiving onto another stored system.
NICEIC Consulting has produced a comparison statistical reporting function for a group of companies. This report option allows for high level findings to be viewed collectively, making it easy to compare performance for the group over the period of a contract.