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We are committed to providing a first class service and would be extremely disappointed if this is not the case.  It is important to us that should you feel you have encountered a level of service that is below both yours and our expectations, you raise any concerns you may have with us immediately so that we may address them and learn appropriate lessons.
The following information covers complaints that learners, members of the public or centres may wish to make in relation to the qualifications and associated services offered by NICEIC Certification
Centre’s responsibility
Centre’s should take all responsible steps to ensure that their staff involved in the management, assessment and quality assurance of our qualifications, and all learners/candidates are aware of the contents of this document and that the centre has a complaints handling procedure and appeals process in place to deal with complaints from learners/candidates about the services they provide. If an individual is unhappy about a service or activity being delivered by a centre, it must first of all go through the centres complaints process before bringing the matter to NICEIC Certification.
How to notify us of a complaint
All of our staff are trained to help and are committed to helping our customers, so you should first try to sort out any problem at the earliest opportunity by speaking to our Certification Office.  If they cannot help you can ask to speak to a manager in charge.
If this is not possible or you are not satisfied with the help provided by the manager please send a written complaint to NICEIC Certification.

Learners/candidates who wish to complain about a level of service provided by the centre at which they have taken an NICEIC Certification qualification should in the first instance have exhausted their centres own complaints process before bringing the complaint to us. 
All written complaint to NICEIC Certification should be addressed to:

FAO Scheme Manager
NICEIC Certification
Whitting Valley Road
Old Whittington
S41 9EY

Or email: certification@niceic.com
Complaints will be acknowledged, investigated, reported, resolved and the results of any investigation will be communicated in writing to the complainant.

If I make a complaint, what details should I provide?
·       Full Name
·       NI No (Learner only)
·       Contact Daytime Telephone No
·       Postal Address
·       Postal Date
·       Copies of any evidence relating to the complaint
·       Full description of the nature and details your complaint (inc. subject matter and dates, times if known)
How will my complaint be dealt with?
We will endeavor to acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 working days of receipt.
The investigation of a complaint will be carried out by a level of management above which the complaint is leveled and we will aim to carry out the investigation process within the minimum period possible.  We may need to contact you during the investigation period for further information or clarification.  

Following completion of the investigation a report shall be produced by the investigator and the results will be communicated in writing to the complainant.  
What if I am not happy with the reply?
If you are not satisfied with the decision please contact Scheme Manager in the first instance.  If you are still unhappy with the decision taken by NICEIC Certification you can, where relevant take the matter through our appeals process.
Further information can be found on the Appeals page.